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Week of Jan 8th, 2006 

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Full "Wolf" Moon

Full "Wolf Moon" on Friday the 13th

Saturday, January 14th - Full "Wolf Moon"... 

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the Full "Wolf Moon" rose over Storm Mountain on Friday the 13th, to the sound of howling coyotes in the

According to folklore, this week's bright moon is called the "Wolf Moon," named after the singing packs of wolves once heard by Native Americans amid the deep snows of winter.   

Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon.   

The Full Moon officially occurred at 2:28 AM MST, this morning.

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Friday, January 13th - Deputies Names Released From Shooting... 

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has released the names of those deputies involved in the shooting incident of January 12, 2006, at 15000 North 83rd Street in Boulder County, south and west of Berthoud.   

Investigator Steven M. Holloway, 53, was hired by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in May of 1980.  Holloway began as a Detention Deputy and transferred to Patrol in 1981.  His present assignment is that of Investigator.  Holloway has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management.  Holloway is current on all training and firearms qualifications.   

Deputy Raphael Sanchez, 46, was hired by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in August of 2000.  Sanchez began as a Detention Deputy and transferred to Patrol in 2004.  He is currently a Firearms Instructor and is a member of Traumatic Incident Support Team.  Sanchez was in the United States Army Reserve from 1989 through 1990.  He is presently a Master Sergeant in the United States Army National Guard.  Sanchez served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2002.  Sanchez is a senior at Colorado State University studying Sociology.  Sanchez also is current on all training and firearms qualifications.   

Holloway and Sanchez are currently on paid Administrative Leave and are not available for interviews.  This is the first officer involved shooting for either Holloway or Sanchez.

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Catherine Cariaso

Catherine Cariaso, killed after pointing
toy gun at Sheriff's Deputies.

Thursday, January 12th - Bank Robbery, Pursuit And Fatal Shooting... 

A pursuit this afternoon by Loveland Police, Berthoud Police and Larimer County Sheriff's Police after a reported bank robbery at the Chase Bank on Eisenhower Avenue in Loveland, resulted in the driver being shot to death by police.   

A woman, reported as 5' - 6" in height and medium build, allegedly robbed the bank at gunpoint, fleeing the scene in a white Plymouth van.   

A individual who witnessed the robbery followed the van while reporting it's location to the authorities via a cell phone and 911.    

The vehicle traveled west on Highway 34, turning south on County Rd 19, and eventually south on County Highway 23E, where the vehicle was intercepted by the police.    

The van was stopped at the intersection of County Rd 23E and Yellowstone, approximately 1/2 mile south of the Boulder County line. The woman then reportedly got out of the vehicle, pointing a gun at Sheriff's Deputies. The deputies subsequently fired, bringing down the woman. The gun turned out to be a toy gun.

The woman reportedly died on the scene as a result of injuries sustained from the shooting while AirLife was responding. No other injuries were reported.

An official news release with more detailed information is expected later this evening.

The victim was later identified as Catherine Cariaso of Loveland.

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Cesar Augustine Martinez

Cesar Augustine Martinez

Wednesday, January 11th - Most Wanted Arrested In Nebraska... 

After a six month investigation by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, Nebraska State Police and Longmont Police Department have affected the arrest of  Cesar Augustine Martinez, 26, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska on Thursday, January 5th, 2006.   

Martinez had been on Larimer County’s Most Wanted list since July 24, 2005, for a felony warrant for Failure to Appear on a dangerous drugs charge, Second Degree Burglary, a class 4 felony, and a felony warrant for Violation on Bail Bond Conditions, a class 6 felony.  A new warrant was added for Failure to Comply, Motion to Revoke Probation and Menacing, a class 5 felony.   

At the place of his arrest, Martinez was in possession of 18 guns, including two fully automatic machine guns.  Investigation into the origin of those guns is part of an on-going investigation.   

Sheriff’s Office investigators had been attempting to locate Martinez since May 2005.  Information was sent to Nebraska and other Colorado Law Enforcement agencies resulting in information being forwarded to Larimer County.  Their combined efforts led to the Martinez arrest in Nebraska.  Martinez will be extradited to Larimer County where he will be held without bail.

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No Open Fires

Open fire ban issued for State lands

Tuesday, January 10th - Statewide Open Fire Ban Issued... 

On Monday afternoon Governor Bill Owens announced a ban on open fires on all State owned lands below 8000 feet. In addition, the governor is urging county boards throughout the State to issue open fire bans for their specific counties.

Unseasonably warm temperatures, high winds and little precipitation have led to increased fire danger across the state. The forecast calls for very little precipitation with continued warm, windy conditions expected through the next week.

Residents are advised to use extreme caution when using any type of open flame outdoors and treat this fire ban as seriously as those issued during our normal wildfire season. Recent fires near Carter Lake and in southeast Colorado indicate just how dangerous the fire conditions have become.

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Map of Carter Lake Area

Map of Carter Lake Area

Monday, January 9th - South Beach Fire Under Control... 

The South Beach Fire near Carter Lake is now being reported as under control. It is estimated that 450-500 acres were burned. 

No loss of homes or injuries have been reported. 

An official news release is expected later this morning.

The latest official information on the South Beach Fire can be found at: Larimer County Emergency Information

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Larimer County Emergency Information

Official Information

Sunday, January 8th - South Beach Fire Official Information... 

11:41 PM: Not much new to report this evening on the Carter Lake Fire with a couple of exceptions: the size, while difficult to estimate, is currently being called at around 300-400 acres. We may have to revise that in the light of day with better mapping but it seems clear that it has nearly doubled from the original "guesstimation" of 200 acres.   

The good news - NO HOMES HAVE BEEN LOST on this fire as of 11:30 p.m. and late word is that things are perhaps beginning to settle down a bit. You should note that a "reverse 911" call went out to residents in a one mile radius from the intersection of Gregory and County Road 3 to prepare to leave at a moment's notice. It was not an evacuation advisory - just a call for last minute preparations if needed. But it seems that things are calming down a bit with the forecasted rise in nighttime humidity and it is perhaps unlikely that the above evacuation will be set in motion.

That's about all for this evening we believe. More updates will be posted tomorrow as needed.

10:28 PM: Sunday evening a fire started in the area of Carter Lake. The wind has been the principal cause of it having grown to an estimated 200 + acres. It will probably increase a good deal more before things calm down later tonight. 

Evacuations are currently being ordered and many homes have in fact been evacuated with several horses at risk or evacuated also. The shelter for displaced persons for this event has been designated as Berthoud High School. Representatives of the Red Cross will be managing the shelter. 

An undetermined number of fire fighters are on scene along with several law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, no specific information of the number of personnel from agencies such as Berthoud Fire, Loveland Fire and Larimer Co. Sheriff's Emergency Services is currently available; also, the cause of the blaze has not yet been officially determined. 

This is still a developing situation and we will attempt to update you yet this evening with additional information, but it may be that our next update will have to wait until Monday morning. 

If you are in the vicinity of this this fire, you should immediately prepare to evacuate your home and deal with any animals on your property. If you need help with livestock, please call the Larimer Co. Sheriff's Office at 416-1985 for immediate assistance from the Sheriff's Mounted Posse and the Larimer Humane Society.

The latest official information on the South Beach Fire can be found at: Larimer County Emergency Information


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Map of evacuation area near Carter Lake

Map of evacuation area near Carter Lake

Large Wildfire Burning Near Carter Lake... A fast moving wildfire, now being called the South Beach Fire, is being reported in the area of Cater Lake, northwest of Berthoud. 

Reverse 911 is currently being used in a mandatory evacuation of homes around the lake and between County Rd 4 and County Rd 27E. Evacuees are being instructed to go to the Berthoud High School for shelter.   

As of 9:30pm, the fire was reported to be 100 to 150 acres in size, and rapidly growing due to high winds. Several area fire agencies are currently responding to the blaze. 

The origin of the fire, which is reported to be primarily a grass fire, is unofficially being reported as near Dam #2 on the south end of Carter Lake. 

Strong northwest winds are continuing to drive the fire rapidly towards the southeast and homes in the Sedona Hills subdivision.

Horses and other livestock are being reported in the roadways, with rescue efforts underway to catch and transport them to safety.

UPDATE: As of 10:30pm the South Beach Fire near Carter Lake is now being reported at over 400 acres. Hopes are that the wind will shift blowing the fire back on itself.


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Colorful blowing snow on Tuesday morning

Colorful blowing snow on Tuesday morning

Photo Of The Week...

Snow crystals blowing through the air and a low winter's Sun combined on Tuesday morning to create a beautiful scene over Palisade Mountain.    

The colors are a result of sunlight refracting through the airborne snow crystals creating a halo around the Sun, similar to a rainbow or sundog

While this photo is quite amazing, you should never look at the sun through any optical device, including a camera, as extreme damage to the eyes, including permanent blindness, can occur in an instant. This photo was taken by sighting along the camera body and using a remote shutter release.

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