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Dogs Reported Sick From Mag-Chloride...

Dogs Reported Sick From Mag-chloride

Saturday,  February 24th - Dogs Reported Sick From Mag-chloride...

It is being reported that several dogs in the Fort Collins area have recently become extremely sick from exposure to Magnesium-chloride, the active component of liquid deicers and many dust control products commonly used in Larimer County.

The dogs reportedly ingested the chemical while licking their paws after having walked on and near roads treated with a Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) based deicer.

Area dog owners are being warned to take precautions and to watch their pets for signs of chemical exposure. These signs include lack of appetite, vomiting and intestinal distress. Dogs showing signs of exposure should be taken to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. 

Precautions pet owners can take to avoid exposure include: walking dogs on grassy areas, having dogs wear doggie booties and rinsing of the dogs' paws with clean water after walking on or near treated areas.

In 2005, a homeowner on Storm Mountain reported that his Black Lab had died as the result of repeated exposure to a MgCl2 based mixture used as a dust control treatment, which ran through and collected on his property.

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Water Regulation Bill passes House...

Water Regulation Bill Passes House

Wednesday,  February 21st - Water Regulation Bill Passes House...

House Bill 1197, which passed the State House on Tuesday, would empower the County to enforce Federal Water Regulations, including violations such as illegal discharges of dirt, sediment or chemical discharges from companies and homes, among others.

While most incorporated areas already have enforcement powers, House Bill 07-1197 would grant Larimer and other counties enforcement powers to police unincorporated areas in an effort to reduce illicit discharges into State and County waterways.

The legislation is heavily favored by the Colorado Water Congress, a group aimed at promoting proper water management and stewardship of Colorado water resources.

If passed on the third reading by the House, this Bill will move to the Senate and if passed, then onto the Governor's desk for signing. The passing of this Bill would be of particular importance to Larimer County and to the protection of our Federal, State and County natural resources.

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The lovely and talented, Dilana...

The lovely and talented, Dilana

Sunday,  February 18th - Photo Of The Week....

This week's photo of the week, taken on Tuesday evening at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado features the lovely and talented, Dilana.

Dilana was one of several musicians appearing that night on the Rockstar: Supernova tour. "Rockstar: Supernova", was popular on television through the summer of 2006 as contestants from around the globe competed for the position of Supernova vocalist. Canadian rocker Lucas Rossi won the spot with South Africa's Dilana coming in as 1st runner up. 

On November 17, 2006, Supernova guitarist Gilby Clarke revealed that Lukas Rossi defeated Dilana because, "He made [their] music sound more like a band, whereas Dilana sounded like a singer, with Rock Star Supernova backing her."

Other musicians who performed on Tuesday evening included Iceland's top rocker and 3rd runner up Magni, 2nd runner up Australia's Toby Rand and his band Juke Kartel, Rockstar Supernova television host Dave Navarro and his band The Panic Channel, and of course Lucas Rossi, Gilby Clarke, Johnny Colt and Tommy Lee of Supernova.

All of the bands performed very well and through an arrangement with Budweiser, SMN was there to cover the event. We got some very nice photos which we would like to share with all of you. Many thanks to staff photographer, Darrell E. Spangler, for the great shots. Below is a slide show presentation of photos from the show.

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