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Attempted Suicide At LCDC...

Inmate Attempts Suicide At LCDC

Tuesday,  April 3rd - Attempted Suicide At LCDC...

Larimer County Detention Center reported another thwarted suicide by hanging on Monday, April 1st, at approximately 7:50 P.M. in a housing area reserved for those who have been determined to be emotionally unstable or with special needs.

Two other inmates intervened, held the suicidal inmate up to relieve the pressure and called for help. When the deputies arrived, the inmate was taken down.  He then became uncooperative with the deputies for stopping his attempt.  He was treated by medical and transferred to the observation cell in booking. He was scheduled to be evaluated by counseling sometime on Tuesday. Thirty five inmates were in the three housing pods being staffed by one deputy.

The inmate is being held for Manufacture, Distribution or Possession of a Controlled Substance, Obstruction, and Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

At the same time, a medical emergency in another pod brought the inmate and deputy to Poudre Valley Hospital for non life threatening illness.

Sheriff Alderden has said that he will award the two inmates a Character First Certificate for Alertness, being aware of what is taking place around me so I can have the right responses.

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Full Pink Moon early Monday morning

Full Pink Moon early  Monday morning

Monday,  April 2nd - Full Pink Moon...

The  hillsides across the area were lit this morning by the pre-dawn light of the Full Pink Moon. The full Moon officially occurs at 11:15AM MST this morning.

The name Pink Moon came from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring.

Other names for this month's celestial body include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

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Cassin's Finch (Carpodacus cassinii)

Cassin's Finch (Carpodacus cassinii)

Sunday,  April 1st - Photo Of The Week...

This week's photo shows a male Cassin's Finch courting a prospective female mate near a feeder outside of Storm Mountain News on Friday morning.

The Cassin's Finch (Carpodacus cassinii) is a medium-sized finch. Adults have a short forked brown tail and brown wings. They have a longer bill than the Purple Finch (Carpodacus purpureus). Adult males are raspberry red on the head, breast, back and rump; their back and under-tail are streaked. Adult females have light brown upper-parts and light under-parts with brown streaks throughout. Their facial markings are less distinct than those of the female Purple Finch.

Cassin's Finch shows a slightly larger, chunkier body than similar finches, and has a larger head. This species has a shorter, deeply notched tail and often appears to have a peaked crown. The slightly longer bill is heavy and conical with nearly straight culmen.

Cassin's Finch breeds from southwestern Canada south to southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico and often visits lowlands during winter. Preferred habitats include open conifer stands at high elevations such as those found here in Colorado.

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Spring Snow Blankets Area...

Spring Snow Blankets Area

Thursday,  March 29th - Spring Snow Blankets Area...

A potent Spring weather system is currently dropping moderate to heavy snow across the front range foothills including the Drake, Glen Haven and Storm Mountain areas.

As of 5am, 3 to 6 inches of overnight accumulation and snowfall rates of 1/2 to 1 inch per hour were being reported. Area roads are currently reported as snow-packed and slushy.

Residents are advised to use extreme caution if traveling today and to allow plenty of extra time to reach your destination.

Snow is expected to continue through tomorrow with heavier amounts west of I-25. Snowfall may intensify this afternoon particularly in the higher elevations.

No official weather watches or warnings are currently in effect for our immediate area.

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