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Stones Peak from Cub Lake...

Stones Peak from Cub Lake

Sunday July 29th - Photo Of The Week...

Taken on Wednesday, this week's photo features a beautiful morning view of Stones Peak as seen from the shore of Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Situated at 8,620 feet above sea level, Cub Lake is a popular destination for hikers and cross-country skiers. Accessed from the Cub Lake Trail, the 2.3 mile trek to Cub Lake is known for its spectacular scenery and abundance of wildflowers, birds and numerous small animals. The Cub Lake Trail is a paradise for Elk watching during the Spring and Fall.

During the Summer, Cub Lake is filled with beautiful yellow water lilies. The massive Stones Peak can be seen from the east shore of Cub Lake creating an excellent scene for photographers.

To reach the Cub Lake Trailhead follow Bear Lake Road about 1.2 miles to a right-hand turn toward Fern Lake and the Moraine Park campground. This road follows the north side of Moraine Park for a half-mile to another junction. At this junction, turn left (south) toward the Fern Lake and Cub Lake Trailheads. Cub Lake Trailhead is about 1.2 miles from this point, and parking space is limited.

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Law enforcement at 756 Palisade Mt...

Law enforcement at 756 Palisade Mt

Saturday July 28th - Raid Uncovers Marijuana Operation...

A raid on Friday morning of a home located at 756 Palisade Mountain Drive uncovered an indoor marijuana growing operation with a reported 100+ plants being cultivated.

The owner of the home, Anthony Serafin, was reported as not home at the time of the raid and therefore no arrest has been made. A search of another property in Fort Collins which is also owned by Serafin yielded a small amount of drugs and other evidence. An arrest warrant for Serafin will most likely be issued shortly.

The growing operation reportedly utilized a very sophisticated hydroponics system whereby plants receive nutrients from a circulating, water-based nutrient solution rather than from soil. This method is often used to produce high quality marijuana plants in a minimal amount of time indoors.

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Armed Sheriff's Deputy at intersection of Palisade and Snowtop...

Armed Sheriff's Deputy at intersection
of Palisade and Snowtop

Friday July 27th - Drug Raid On Storm Mountain...

Law enforcement officials from multiple jurisdictions are currently conducting a raid of what is reported to be a suspected drug operation on Palisade Mtn Drive on Storm Mountain.  

Very little information is available at this time as the investigation is ongoing. Heavily armed Larimer County Sheriff's Deputies are stationed at various locations blocking access into the operation area.

It was communicated by a Larimer County Sheriff's Deputy that the community is safe and there is no need for excess concern by area residents at this time.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

Update: It has been confirmed by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office that tactical SWAT teams did execute a warrant for suspicion of drugs on a home located on Palisade Mountain Drive earlier today, using a specially designed vehicle to tear down the garage door of the residence. Deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff's Department assisted in the operation. Detectives and tactical teams are reported as still on scene investigating and assessing the situation. No further information is being released at this time.

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County Adopts Fire Restrictions...

County Adopts Fire Restrictions

Tuesday July 24th - County Adopts Fire Restrictions...

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners today adopted fire restrictions on ‘Opening Burning’ in Larimer County’s unincorporated area effective today, July 24th, through Tuesday, September 4th.  

Major Bill Nelson, with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, made today’s recommendation for Sheriff Jim Alderden, “Over the last several weeks dry conditions have increased the concern for dangerous wildfires. The indices we watch to determine whether we should impose restrictions, such as fuel moisture and availability of resources, have mostly been met and with high temperatures and dry weather predicted, we believe it is time for restrictions.  Fire activity over this past weekend showed that conditions are ripe for fires. Also, with the national preparedness level at 5, we may have a hard time getting resources from outside the county to assist us.  At present most of the County is at High or Very High fire danger.”

Restrictions include:

  • NO Open Fires – no open burning, including camp and cooking fires; or welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with open flame. Open fires include the burning of irrigation ditches except for those located within and completely surrounded by irrigated farmlands where such burning is necessary for crop survival and specific written approval has been granted in advance by Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden.
  • You can have: Fires in camp stoves or grills, fueled by bottled gas or pressurized liquid, and specifically designed for cooking or heating purposes. 
  • You can have CONTAINED Open Fires: These are fires in permanently constructed stationary masonry or metal fireplaces specifically designed for the purpose of combustion such as those in developed campsites and those in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal fired grills designed for cooking.
  • You can ONLY smoke: within an enclosed vehicle or smoking within an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material.  Smoking within an enclosed vehicle shall mean that smoking is contained, at all times, within the vehicle and is not allowed to leave the vehicle or protrude or be held outside the vehicle, including the window of the vehicle.  Butts and stubs must be disposed of within a trash receptacle or within the vehicle. 
  • No Fireworks and/or Fireworks Displays

The Board also authorized Sheriff Jim Alderden to exempt any open fire, use of fireworks or fireworks display, approved in advance by the Sheriff, after inspection and the immediate availability of fire suppression apparatus. Complete information on specific definitions, fines and penalties, in Larimer County’s Fire Restrictions Ordinance, can be found via the link provided below:

Larimer County’s Fire Restrictions Ordinance   

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SEAT dropping retardant onto Crosier Fire on Sunday afternoon...

SEAT dropping retardant onto Crosier
Fire on Sunday afternoon

Monday July 23rd - Crosier Fire Update...

A wildfire burning on the east side of Crosier Mountain between Drake and Glen Haven, now dubbed the Crosier Fire, is being reported as 100% contained.

Thirty-five firefighters are reported as fighting the fire today along with air support from several aircraft. The fire is reported to have burned approximately 6-1/2 acres and is currently believed to have been started by lightning. Very little smoke is currently visible from Storm Mountain and it appears at this time that firefighters have the upper hand on this one. 

Many thanks to all of the firefighters and those who assisted in the fighting of this fire!

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Wildfire on Crosier Mountain...

Wildfire on Crosier Mountain

Sunday July 22nd - Crosier Mountain Wildfire...

Crews from Loveland Rural Fire Protection and Glen Haven Fire District are currently responding to a wildfire burning on the east side of Crosier Mountain, between Drake and Glen Haven.

The fire is currently being reported as 1 acre in size and burning in heavy timber. The fire appears to be burning near Sullivan Park, approximately 1/2 mile east of the summit of Crosier Mountain. No homes or structures appear threatened at this time. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


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Big Thompson River in Moraine Park...

Big Thompson River in Moraine Park

Photo Of The Week...

This week's photo features an early morning view of the Big Thompson River winding through Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park on last Thursday morning.

The Big Thompson River begins as glacial steams above Moraine Park, continuing through Rocky Mountain National Park and onward to Estes Park and the Big Thompson Canyon.

Moraine Park is one of the park's more scenic areas and is well known for the abundant wildflowers and wildlife that are found around every bend. Moraine Park was formed as glaciers receded thousands of years ago leaving behind the spectacular scenery we see today.

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