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ISS and Endeavour passing over Storm Mountain on Monday evening...

ISS and Endeavour passing over Storm
Mountain on Monday evening.

Tuesday August 21st - ISS/Endeavour Tandem Flyby...

The International Space Station (ISS) and Space Shuttle Endeavour made a tandem flyby over Colorado on Monday evening treating local skywatchers to a wonderful view of the pair.

Space Shuttle Endeavour undocked from the ISS on Sunday and is expected to return home today with landing at the Kennedy Space Center scheduled for 10:32AM MDT this morning.

The International Space Station will continue passing over Colorado for the next couple of evenings with the best viewing opportunity being Wednesday night. The ISS will then pass from the WNW beginning at 8:09PM local time, passing almost directly overhead before finally disappearing into the Earth's shadow in the SE at 8:15PM. Due to the addition of new solar arrays, the ISS will be quite bright and clearly visible in our skies, weather of course permitting.

This will be a great opportunity to see the orbiting ISS and a wonderful family experience. Children are especially spellbound by it. Make a note and if you can, step outside this Wednesday evening and enjoy this amazing sight.

Information on daily flyby times for your specific area can be found by visiting

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Loveland To Be Featured On 9News...

Loveland To Be Featured On 9News

Monday August 20th - Loveland Feature On 9News...

Loveland’s Historic Fourth Street will be featured this week on the Explore Colorado segment of the 'Colorado and Company' TV show produced by Denver’s 9NEWS. The show will be broadcast at 10 a.m., Friday, Aug. 24th. 

The feature is a weekly series on the show that highlights a different area of Colorado of historical interest. Explore Colorado is presented by the State Historical Fund and the National Trust for Historical Preservation. The goal of the program is to encourage Coloradoans to visit areas of cultural and historic interest across the state, helping to support the economy through increased tourism.

The Loveland feature will include interviews with persons knowledgeable about Loveland’s downtown and involved in the area’s revitalization. Tom Katsimpalis, a curator of the Loveland Museum/Gallery, and Susan Davis, owner of a home furnishing specialty store on Fourth Street, will provide insight into downtown Loveland’s past and future.

After the broadcast, the video will be placed on the website at the Explore Colorado link.

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Narrow-leaved Blazing Star (Liatris punctata)...

Narrow-leaved Blazing Star
(Liatris punctata)

Sunday August 19th - Photo Of The Week...

Found growing throughout the foothills, this weeks photo features one of Colorado's colorful summer wildflowers, Narrow-leaved Blazing Star.

Also known as Dotted Gayfeather and Snakeroot, Narrow-leaved Blazing Star (Liatris punctata), is native to the western short grass prairies of the Great Plains and foothills of Colorado and New Mexico

Narrow-leaved Blazing Star is perennial from a heavy, taprooted rootcrown. Plants usually are about 10-18 inches tall. The narrow, sandpapery leaves point strongly upward and are covered with tiny dots of resin. Bottom leaves are about four inches long, but get progressively smaller toward the top of the plant. One-to-two dozen light purple (rarely white) flower heads about 1/2 inch wide form spikes on the upper one third of the plant. The tiny achenes (seeds) bear a plume of bristles.

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Suspected Impersonator Identified...

Suspected Impersonator Identified

Wednesday August 15th - Suspected Impersonator Identified...

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that the subject of the alleged police impersonation incident of Monday, August 13th, has been identified.  The subject is a sworn deputy from Routt County.  He contacted LCSO on Tuesday morning after seeing the composite sketch and media coverage of the incident.

Although his actions did arouse suspicion and alarm the young female who reported the incident, no crime has been committed. Larimer County has a history of police impersonators and, in the interest of public safety, Sheriff Alderden believes in following up on any possible incidents involving such reports.  Actions such as these instill a measure of fear in both the victim and the public in general.

Sheriff Alderden is pleased this incident has been explained but assures the public that LCSO will respond to any similar incidents in a like manner. Alderden said.  “I would like to thank the members of the media for their quick response and for the part they played in locating the subject.

The matter has been referred to Routt County Sheriff’s Office.

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