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Missing Couple found safe and uninjured

Terry and Marion Jones, found safe
and uninjured on Thursday

Friday September 7th - Missing Couple Found Safe..

Early on Thursday afternoon, search teams located a Fort Collins couple that had been reported as missing since Saturday. The couple was safe and uninjured.

The couple was located when Civil Air Patrol spotted smoke coming from a remote area and then spotted the missing couple near the fire. Ground crews hiked in to the couple's location and found them to be safe other than being tired and hungry. After being supplied food and water, the couple then hiked back to the trailhead with the ground crew.

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Female Greater Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)

Terry and Marion Jones, missing since
Saturday in RMNP

Wednesday September 5th - Search For Missing Couple..

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services and Larimer County Search and Rescue will resume search efforts today in hopes of locating a Fort Collins couple missing since Saturday in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Terry Jones, 56, and Marion Jones, 49, were dropped off at the Chapin Pass trailhead on Saturday morning for a backcountry camping trip to the Flatiron campsite near Hague Creek. The Joneses were scheduled to hike on Sunday to their car, waiting for them at the Big South Trailhead on Colorado Highway14. As of Monday night, the car was still at the trailhead.

Aerial and ground search effort are expected to resume today with the main focus being east, west and north of the Flatiron backcountry campsite, and along trails heading in and out of that area.

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Female Greater Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)

Female Greater Sage Grouse
(Centrocercus urophasianus)

Sunday September 2nd - Photo Of The Week..

This week's photo, taken on Thursday morning, features a female Greater Sage Grouse standing along CO 43 about two miles west of Glen Haven.

The Greater Sage Grouse, (Centrocercus urophasianus), is the largest grouse in North America. Adults have a long, pointed tail and legs with feathers to the toes. Adult males have a yellow patch over the eye, are greyish on top with a white breast, a dark brown throat and a black belly; two yellowish sacs on the neck are inflated during courtship display. Adult females are mottled grey-brown with a light brown throat and dark belly.

Female Greater Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)The Sage Grouse makes its home on open plains and sagebrush plains, and can be found from southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada south to California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

During mating season, male Sage Grouses gather on a lek or a special display area. While they are there, they strut and display their plumage to attract a mate. The female lays six to nine eggs in a depression in the ground lined with grass. The nest is usually under a bush or other cover. The female incubates and cares for the chicks. The chicks hatch in about three weeks and feed themselves soon after hatching. They eat insects for the first few weeks but soon move on to weeds, grasses and sagebrush. The chicks fledge in about a week.

In the winter, most of the Sage Grouse's diet is made up of the leaves and shoots of the sagebrush. In the spring, it also eats weeds and grasses.

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