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Sunday, February 27th - Photo Of The Week...
Along Hwy 34 just west of mile marker 68 you will find the newly created, "Peace Tree"... Once a Ponderosa Pine in need of removal, this trunk of the tree has been creatively carved into a sure to be landmark for canyon travelers... The "Peace Tree" stands on the south side of the road in front of 2400 Big Thompson Canyon Hwy...

"Peace Tree" along Hwy 34 in Big Thompson Canyon

Friday, February 25th - Wal-Mart Workers Say No To Union... Workers at the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express in Loveland voted 17-1 against the plan to start a union... If the employees had voted to unionize, it would have been the first Wal-Mart store in the nation to unionize a department, and the second union vote ever to occur at a Wal-Mart store in the United States... Meat-cutters in Texas held a union vote in 2000 after which Wal-Mart then eliminated that job throughout the company, but officials said it had nothing to do with the election... A store in Quebec, Canada is closing after attempts to unionize the workers...

Thursday, February 24th - Kastendieck Pleads Guilty To Theft and Embezzlement... Former Park R-3 School District Superintendent, Richard Kastendieck, pled guilty last Friday to two of six charges contained in a 2004 Grand Jury Indictment... The other four charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement... Kastendieck was alleged to have stolen more than $67,000 from Park R-3 District funds, which he reportedly used for numerous trips and personal items unrelated to school business... Kastendieck will likely be sentenced to serve four year and three year prison sentences, to run concurrent, followed by a three year parole... Sentencing is set for Friday, April 8th... Kastendieck was Superintendent of Park R-3 School District, which oversees Estes Park schools, from 1995 to 2003... 

Full "Snow Moon"... Since the heaviest snow in many areas usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February's full Moon the Full Snow Moon... Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult... The Moon was at it's fullest at 9:54PM local time last night...

Wednesday, February 23rd - County Commissioners Announce Board Appointments... The Board of Larimer County Commissioners announced on Tuesday several appointments to volunteer citizen Boards and Commissions... Larry Chisesi of Fort Collins was appointed to the Larimer County Board of Adjustment... Previously Chisesi had held an alternate position on that Board... Shane Houska of Fort Collins has been appointed to the Weld/Larimer Revolving Loan Fund Board... Citizens can see openings, membership, a brief synopsis and more about all of Larimer County’s Boards and Commissions at Citizens can also choose to receive an automatic email notification whenever an opening on a Board is posted... The notification service is free, you can subscribe at  For further information contact the Larimer County Commissioners’ Office at (970) 498-7015)... 

Monday, February 21st - Propane Explosion Sends Resident To Hospital... A Storm Mountain resident was air-lifted to, "Poudre Valley Hospital", this morning suffering from burns after a propane explosion at his home... Bill Whittaker, a resident of the 6th Filing, was injured when accumulated gas is his home was ignited by a pilot light on the stove... Another resident who was outside at the time of the explosion was not injured... There were no reports of any fire... S.M.E.R.T, "Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services", "AirLife of Greeley", and others responded to the scene, setting up a trauma station near the "T" of FDR 128... This is yet another instance where "S.M.E.R.T", was present and quickly in place to guide emergency teams to the correct location, thereby saving valuable time... 

Emergency crews unloading patient near the "T" of FDR 128 Burn victim being loaded into AirLife chopper for transport

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