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Larimer County News Release

Larimer County News Release 

Thursday, April 6th - Masonville Open House Set for Bridges and Road Project... 

Citizens are invited to an Open House for the Larimer County, County Road (CR) 38E Bridges and Road Realignment project. The Open House on Thursday, April 20, is from 7-9p.m. at the Buckhorn Presbyterian Church, 8762 N. County Road 27 in Masonville.

The CR38E project addresses road and bridges issues at Redstone Creek and the Hansen Feeder Canal. The Larimer County Engineering Department is holding the Open House to get citizen input on the project which replaces two bridges on CR 38E northeast of Masonville and also  involves realigning Road 38E to the southeast of the existing road for a safer curve alignment.  County Road 25E (the Redstone Canyon Rd.) will also be reconstructed to tie into the new 38E alignment. 

This County Engineering project calls for all roads to be kept open to traffic during construction which is currently scheduled from September 2006 through May of 2007. The April 20 meeting will provide an opportunity for citizens to view plans and other project information, ask questions, and submit comments.

If you are unable to attend the open house and would like to view the plans or discuss the project, please call Ron Winne, Project Manager at (970) 498-5713 or

In addition to newspaper advertising about the Open House, residents of the area are receiving meeting notices in the mail.

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National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week 

Monday, April 3rd - National Public Health Week Begins Today... 

“The People of Public Health,” who work to protect the health of the residents of Colorado and the environment in which they live, are being spotlighted during the Colorado Observance of National Public Health Week 2006.

This year’s observance, which focuses on the work of public health employees in “preventing, promoting and protecting,” will begin on Monday, April 3, and will continue through Sunday, April 9.

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment is among the 15 local public health departments, 39 county public health nursing services, and 17 environmental health offices which provide public health services throughout Colorado and work in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

During Public Health Week, the staff of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment will carry on the daily business of promoting and protecting the health of Larimer County citizens.  In addition to its usual services, the Environmental Health Division will be co-hosting a Quarantine and Isolation Seminar in Fort Morgan as part of its public health emergency preparedness efforts.  The Immunization staff, in partnership with the Larimer County Immunization Coalition, will sponsor its 2006 Immunization Update for healthcare workers.

“The employees of the County Department of Health and Environment are strongly committed to protecting the public and environmental health of Larimer County,” said Adrienne LeBailly, MD, director of the department.  “We work together to provide a wide variety of services, such as supporting healthy pregnancies, keeping Colorado’s food safe and its water and air clean, and preventing and controlling communicable diseases.”

Public health employees in Larimer County include environmental health specialists; public health nurses, health educators, nutritionists and social workers; program workers and coordinators, support staff; administrative workers and managers; a vital records registrar, a public information officer, an environmental health planner, and a physician health director .

Larimer County public health employees issue birth and death certificates; provide adult and child immunizations and vaccinations required for international travel; inspect child care centers; investigate and control disease outbreaks, inspect public pools and spas; review school sanitation and safety from the cafeteria to the chemistry lab; do land use planning; provide parenting education and breastfeeding support to expectant and new mothers; and advocate for policies and laws that protect the health and safety of the county’s residents and visitors.

They also assist parents in applying for Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus insurance program; provide services for children with special health needs; provide testing and conduct programs to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis; encourage the use of fluoride in drinking water; encourage youth not to start using tobacco and provide assistance for adults who want to quit.

If you’d like more information about the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, call 970-498-6700.

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Moon and Pleiades on Saturdau evening

Moon and Pleiades on Saturday evening

Sunday, April 2nd - Photo Of The Week... 

While clouds obscured last night's lunar event locally, other parts of Colorado had clear skies, allowing for this beautiful photo taken at Colorado National Monument by Thad V'Soske.

"The twilight scene last night in Colorado was visually stunning," says Thad. "The Pleiades star cluster was nicely visible so close to the waxing crescent Moon."

The view was even more spectacular in the eastern United States with many superb photos being submitted by sky-watchers around the country. These images of the Moon eclipsing the Pleiades can be found in Spaceweather's Eclipse Gallery via the link provided below.

The Moon Eclipses the Pleiades

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Spring Ahead Tomorrow Morning

Saturday, April 1st - Spring Ahead Tomorrow Morning... 

Once again it is time to set our clocks ahead one hour, marking our switch to Daylight Saving Time, which officially occurs at 2AM on Sunday morning.

This year, 2006, will be the last year in which clocks are set forward one hour on the first Sunday in April at 2:00 a.m. local time and set back one hour the last Sunday in October, also at 2:00 a.m. Starting in 2007, DST will be observed from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, adding a month to daylight saving time.

The days of the time change are also recommended as good days to update your fire extinguishers and replace batteries in smoke detectors along with changing the time on your clocks. By routinely doing this in the Spring and again in the Fall, you will help assure your preparedness and safety throughout the entire year. Time change days can serve as a convenient reminder of these easily overlooked tasks.

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Simulation of Moon eclipsing Pleiades Cluster

Simulation of Moon eclipsing
Pleiades Cluster

Spectacular  Lunar Event Tonight... 

Weather permitting, area residents will be treated to a spectacular rare lunar event as the Moon eclipses the Pleiades Cluster on Saturday evening just after sunset.

The event will be visible from the majority of North America with the best viewing being on the East Coast. Sky watchers there can see stars grazing the lunar limb, blinking in and out among the mountains of the moon--beautiful! [details] [movie].

The best time for viewing this event from our area will be as soon as the skies darken after sunset on Saturday. Look for the slender crescent moon in the southwestern sky. 

The Pleiades Cluster is one of the brightest star clusters visible from Earth. Commonly known as the, "Seven Sisters", this wonderful constellation is often mistaken for the Little Dipper.

Binoculars or small telescopes will reveal the beautiful passing of the Moon in front of these bright stars, eclipsing many as it moves along. Larger scopes will reveal a breath-taking view of the event, showing the glowing gases (nebulosity) surrounding the stars of the Pleiades Cluster.

More information on tonight's spectacular and rare lunar event can be found at: 

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