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Cool, cloudy and moist morning scene

Cool, cloudy and moist morning scene

Friday, June 16th - Cold Front Brings Relief...

A cold front that passed through the area overnight has brought relief to much of northern Colorado in the form of cooler temperatures and much needed rain.

With high temperatures expected in the 70's, today will be the coolest day so far in June, with the majority of days this month rising above the 90°F mark.

Light rain was reported across the area overnight with showers possible throughout the day. This much needed moisture will lend temporary relief to our extreme fire danger.

This reprieve from the heat will be short lived as a return to the 90's is expected by Monday, with temperatures in the valley again approaching 100 degrees.

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County Bans Fireworks Sales

County Bans Sale Of Fireworks

Thursday, June 15th - County Bans Sale Of Fireworks...

The Board of County Commissioners decided Wednesday to ban the sale of fireworks in Larimer County. According to state statutes, the Board can do this in conjunction with fire restrictions and when extreme fire danger exits. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Commissioners believes this condition to be present. To date it is illegal to use fireworks in the unincorporated portions of the county but not to purchase them. According to Commissioner Kathay Rennels this has always been confusing for citizens, “Citizens are not allowed to use fireworks in unincorporated areas of the county but they can buy them. This is a mixed message that doesn’t make any sense, especially when we have fire restrictions in place.”  This decision will mean fireworks cannot be sold in Larimer County.  

In another related issue on Wednesday, it was decided that citizens who live in residential-type neighborhoods in the unincorporated areas of Larimer County can now operate a charcoal grill on a non-combustible surface at their residence. The Board of Larimer County Commissioners made that decision based on a recommendation from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department. According to Major Bill Nelson as well as the Commissioners’ Office, there has been a fair amount of interest from citizens who live in residential-type neighborhoods in unincorporated areas. Boulder County has a similar exemption. Current fire restrictions, went into place in Larimer County June 2nd and are set to continue through July 11th.

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Fire Weather Watch Wednesday and Thursday

Fire Weather Watch Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday, June 14th - Fire Weather Watch Wednesday And Thursday...

The National Weather Service In Denver has issued a Fire Weather Watch for both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for much of our district including the Drake, Glen Haven and Storm Mountain areas.

High temperatures, low humidity and strong winds are expected to create dangerous conditions favorable to large, plume dominated fire growth.

Area residents are advised to refrain from using any type of outdoor flame and to stay alert for possible wildfires throughout the watch period. 

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Larimer County Sheriff's Department News Release

Larimer County Sheriff's Department
News Release

Tuesday, June 13th - Sheriff's Department To Implement Alarm Policy...

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office will soon implement a new program which should reduce the number of false alarm activations and ensuing deputy responses.

In recent years, false alarms accounted for approximately 99.6% of all alarms to which deputies had to respond. False alarms are not only expensive but also divert law enforcement resources from real emergencies. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office believes those who actually have alarms should be the ones to foot the bill instead of the general taxpayer.

Other communities have had great success reducing the number of false alarms when they require alarms to be registered and assess cost recovery for false alarms. Cities using this system have reduced the number of false alarms by as much as 70% in one year after implementing an alarm registration system.

Larimer County residents and businesses are now required to register their monitored alarm system and should be receiving notices for payment of their annual registration fees. The initial registration fee is $50 with a renewal fee of $25 for each year thereafter. The initial registration period begins June 26, 2006. For alarm systems installed prior to June 26, 2006, the first registration fee will be valid for the period ending July 31, 2007. Fines for false alarms will be assessed beginning July 15, 2006, on a tiered system.

The first instance of a false alarm will not incur a charge.  In the case of repeated false alarms (two or more), a series of graduated fines will be charged to the alarm user, ranging from $50 to $200 for each violation.  Repeated false alarms (five or more) will result in being added to the “Do Not Respond” list which means Sheriff’s deputies will no longer respond to the alarm location. Proof will then have to be provided that the alarm has been fixed. Failing to register an alarm could result in a $100 fine.

A percentage of the money generated by the fines will pay for a third party to administer the program. Registration and management of this system will be handled by AOT Public Safety Corporation of Waldorf, Maryland.

The majority of false alarms are triggered by user error. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office urges homeowners and businesses to prevent false alarms by reviewing passwords with family members and employees. It further urges alarm users to review how to turn your system on and off and to make sure the alarm system is in good working order. 

Alarm users will be contacted by their alarm company with more details. The full alarm security ordinance can be found via the link provided below.

New County Alarm Policy

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Full "Strawberry" Moon

Full "Strawberry" Moon

Sunday, June 11th - Photo Of The Week...

Taken on Saturday evening, this week's photo features the Full "Strawberry Moon" rising over Palisade Mountain just after sunset.

The name, "Strawberry Moon" was universal to every Algonquin tribe for June's full Moon. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. 

Because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June, the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry.

This month's full Moon officially occurs at 12:03PM MDT today.

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