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Steve Miller Camp watches election results come in at Miller's home on Tuesday evening.

Miller Camp watches election results come in at Miller's home on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday August 9th - Miller Wins Republican Nomination....

Steve Miller won the Republican nomination for Office of County Assessor over incumbent Larry Johnson by more than 2300 votes in Tuesday's Primary Elections. Miller previously served as Larimer County Assessor in 1984, and again from 1989 - 2000.

With this win, Miller will now face Democrat Barbara Liebler and Libertarian Jesse Herron in a three way battle this November.

In the bid for District 51 Representative, Don Marostica edged out Kevin McNaught for the Republican nomination and Jodi Radke won over Becky Jay for the Democratic nomination. The incumbent Jim Welker will be stepping down at the end of this term, leaving a vacancy in this seat.


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Larimer County News Release

Fire Restrictions End Tomorrow

Fire Restrictions End On Aug 10th....

Fire restrictions for the unincorporated portions of Larimer County expire on August 10th. Restrictions first went into effect June 2, were extended July 11, and prohibited open fires/burning; the use of fireworks; and, public firework displays. 

Larimer County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services says citizens should still be cautious with fire. The threat of wildfire remains in Larimer County because fuels are dry and rainfall has been sporadic. 

The United Sates Forest Service, local volunteer fire departments and Larimer County Emergency Services work together to quickly suppress fires. Larimer County’s fire mitigation crew has been busy this summer assisting a variety of Larimer County organizations with fuels reduction and forest management.  Inmates from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Alternative Sentencing Unit provide assistance to the mitigation crew by stacking trees and slash for future burning. 

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Larimer County Sheriff's Department News Release

Sheriff Asks For Public's Help

Tuesday August 8th - Sheriff Asks For Public's Help....

As of the Tuesday afternoon, Larimer County Sheriff’s Office officials have conducted several planning meetings throughout the day to plan the continued efforts in the search for two year old Shay Smith, presumed drowned at Carter Lake.

Larimer County Dive Team members continue to work with Shay’s family and friends to determine the most accurate “last seen point” in an effort to more effectively deploy the resources necessary to find Shay.  It is imperative that members of the public and any of Shay’s family’s friends and associates contact the LCSO with all of the information they have regarding where Shay was last seen and the conditions under which any observations were made.

The fact that the family boat was moving across the lake makes it difficult for any one person to know precisely where Shay fell into the water.  This is why it is so important for anyone and everyone with information about this tragedy to share what they know with authorities so that the most precise “last seen point” can be determined from a variety of witness perspectives.  With more information provided by witnesses, a tighter “triangulation” effort can be made that may make all the difference in locating Shay.  Any small piece of information may be important.

Larimer County authorities including the Larimer County Parks, the Sheriff’s Office, the Dive Team, witnesses and concerned civilians alike have been brought together by this tireless effort to find Shay.  This effort is taking its toll.  Many searchers are reaching their limits of both physical and emotional resolve in this effort.  Countless hours have been expended by many members of these organizations without resolving Shay’s fate.  Our community can be grateful that so many are willing to sacrifice to others in critical need.

County officials are now in contact with additional nationally recognized resources to determine the availability of new personnel and equipment that may be enlisted to add to the search efforts.  These organizations and individuals will be identified if they are able to help.

Again we ask the public to call with any information witnessed from the shore or from the water about the disappearance of Shay Smith.  Please call Undersheriff Ern Hudson at the Larimer County Dispatch Center at 416-1985.

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2006 Primary Election Information

2006 Primary Elections Tomorrow

Monday August 7th - Primary Elections Tomorrow....

Residents across the county, state and nation will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, August 8th, to cast their votes in the 2006 Primary Elections.

In Larimer County there will be only two races on which to vote in this Primary Election, the Office of County Assessor and District 51 State Representative. 

A lower than average voter turnout is expected due to the lack of races on the ballot. Another factor in the low voter turnout is than nearly one third of Larimer County voters are currently registered as unaffiliated. Only voters registered as either a Republican or a Democrat are permitted to vote in the Primary Elections. 

Registered voters in Larimer County can cast their votes at any of the 24 "Vote Centers" throughout the county. Below is a list of Larimer County Vote Centers and their locations.

(Click on city below to display map)

City Location Address Zip
Berthoud Wayside Inn 505 Mountain Avenue 80513
Estes Park Estes Park - Municipal Bldg 170 McGregor Ave Rm 202 80517
Estes Park Estes Park Holiday Inn 101 S. St Vrain Ave. 80517
Fort Collins Courthouse Offices 200 W. Oak Rm 150 (Carter) 80521
Fort Collins B.W. Pickett Equine Center 701 S. Overland Trail 80523
Fort Collins Colorado State University Lory Student Center Art Lounge 80523
Fort Collins The Vineyard Church 1201 Riverside Ave. 80524
Fort Collins City of Ft Collins - Street Facility 625 9th Street (Lemay) 80524
Fort Collins Plaza Inn 3709 E. Mulberry St. 80524
Fort Collins Harmony Marketplace 1001 E. Harmony Rd. 80525
Fort Collins Christ Center Community Church 2700 Lemay Ave. 80525
Fort Collins Timberline Church 2908 S. Timberline Rd. 80525
Fort Collins University Park Hilton - State Room 425 W. Prospect Rd. 80526
Fort Collins Faith Evangelical Free Church 3920 S. Shields St. 80526
La Porte American Legion Post 4 2124 N.US Hwy 287 80524
Livermore Livermore Community Church 160 Red Feather Lakes Road 80536
Loveland Life Spring Covenant Church 743 S. Dotsero Ave. 80537
Loveland Loveland Police & Courts Bldg 810 E. 10th Street 80537
Loveland Church of the Good Shepherd 3429 N. Monroe Ave. 80538
Loveland Faith Evangelical Church 2707 N. Wilson Ave. 80538
Loveland The Ranch 5280 Arena Circle 80538
Masonville Buckhorn Presbyterian Church 8762 N. County Rd. 27 80541
Red Feather Lakes RFL Community Library 71 Firehouse Road 80545
Wellington River of Life Fellowship 3161 E. County Rd 62E 80549

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Female Rufus Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)

Rufus Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)

Sunday August 6th - Photo Of The Week....

Frequently seen at feeders and flowerboxes throughout the area, this week's photo features one of our most popular and colorful summer residents, the Rufus Hummingbird. 

The Rufus Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) is one of several species of hummingbird found in our area during the summer months. These colorful birds are migratory and winter in Mexico and South America, returning to our area each year in the late Spring.

The Rufus Hummingbird is distinguished by the rusty orange (rufus) color seen in the males. Females are very difficult to distinguish from the Broad-tailed Hummingbird (Selasphorus platycercus), which is also found in our area. The female in the photo above (more photos) was identified as a Rufus only by her close association with a distinctive male partner, which is always nearby and is sometimes seen feeding with her.

Female Rufus Hummingbird displaying white tips of outer tail feathersAdult males have a non-iridescent rufous crown, tail, and sides; back may be rufous, green, or some of each; bright orange-red underbelly and white breast. Adult females have a green back and crown, white breast, streaked throat, rufous sides and base of tail feathers, with white tips on outer tail feathers.

The Rufus Hummingbird is the most widely distributed hummingbird in North America and has been observed in every state and province except Hawaii. 

Complete information on hummingbirds, feeders, etc. can be found by visiting

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West Nile Virus Transmission Cycle

West Nile Virus Transmission Cycle

Saturday August 5th - West Nile Virus Update....

Knowing that people have contracted West Nile virus in your city is an important reminder to be extra vigilant in preventing mosquito bites.  Knowing that mosquitoes and birds in your own neighborhood have tested positive for the virus should turn up the volume on that wake-up call. 

According to Mike Doyle of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, it’s hard to know where a person was bitten by an infected mosquito since humans travel from place to place daily.  “On the other hand,” Doyle said, “mosquitoes and birds have a limited flight range. A positive bird or mosquito means that there might be transmission from birds to mosquitoes right in your neighborhood.”

Based on tests of trapped mosquitoes and a recent dead bird, several neighborhoods in Loveland and Fort Collins have been confirmed as having West Nile Virus-infected mosquitoes.

On July 26, the same day that the first two human cases in Larimer County were announced, test results confirmed that West Nile-positive mosquitoes were collected the previous week at three locations in Fort Collins, one location in Loveland, and one location in the Larimer County section of Windsor.   All were Culex tarsalis, the most common transmitter of West Nile in the western states.

In Fort Collins, positive mosquitoes were trapped near the Environmental Learning Center, near the corner of Drake and Zeigler; near the corner of Carpenter and Timberline Roads, and between City Park and Putnam Elementary.   In Loveland, positive mosquitoes were trapped near the Super Wal-Mart on U.S. 34.  In Windsor, positive mosquitoes were trapped between Ptarmigan Golf Course and the River West subdivision.

Since that time, additional mosquitoes have tested positive from Seven Lakes Park in Loveland and near the corner of Timberline and Carpenter in Fort Collins. 

As for the bird -- a crow collected on August 1 near the corner of 33rd and Colorado (just north of North Lake Park) was the first positive bird tested in Larimer County this year.

The City of Loveland’s contractor, Colorado Mosquito Control, sprayed the North Lake Park area on the night of August 2 as a precautionary measure and searched the area for additional mosquito production sites.

“Just because we know that there is West Nile in specific neighborhoods doesn’t mean that other areas are safe,” cautions Doyle.  “It’s still important to wear repellent everywhere.  This is especially true just after dusk and on cloudy, overcast days.”

“My wife was bitten by a Culex tarsalis at 2:00 pm in our front yard a few days ago.  You really can’t be too careful.”

For up-to-date information about the West Nile situation in Larimer County, visit, or call 498-6775.

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Larimer County News Release

Search continues at Carter Lake

Friday August 4th - Search Continues At Carter Lake....

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services and Larimer County Dive Rescue met Tuesday evening, August 1, 2006, to plan further action in the recovery of the body of Shay Smith.  Shay was lost at Carter Lake during a boat ride with his father on July 15, 2006.

The recovery plan at this time was to attempt to pinpoint several targets in Carter Lake on Thursday during the day and into the evening, depending on the weather.  If the teams are successful locating the targets, a second recovery day will be planned using the underwater cameras.  Based on the information gleaned from this operation, further recovery efforts may be planned.

4:00 PM Update:    

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services and Larimer County Dive Rescue continued the process of searching for Shay Smith in Carter Lake from 6:00 PM on Thursday evening, until approximately 6:00 AM on Friday morning.  They plan on being at Carter Lake again tonight.

The course of action consists of moving markers closer and closer to each targeted area.  Once they feel they have pinpointed these areas, they will start the process of dropping the camera 130 feet down over that target.  If and when that camera image shows a high probability of it being Shay, then and only then will divers enter the water.  Divers at this altitude and at that depth of water will be able be down for only two to three minutes with an approximate rising time of one half an hour.  Also contributing to the difficulties of this recovery effort is that the visibility is approximately one foot in front of the divers’ mask and any searching must be done by touch.

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