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Stanley Steamer with tourists on the way to Estes Park

Stanley Steamer with tourists on the
way to Estes Park

Saturday September 15th - A Trip Up Storm Mountain..

The Glen Haven Historical Society will be presenting a program on the history of Storm Mountain on Tuesday, September 18th, at the Glen Haven Town Hall.

The presentation, entitled "A Trip Up Storm Mountain", is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm and is open to the public. Admission is free. Long-time area residents, particularly the old-timers, are encouraged to attend and to share their stories, photos and other memories of the Storm Mountain area.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about our community's history and to enjoy some wonderful photographs and other material from our area. Did uranium for the first atomic bomb come from Storm Mountain? Were there Buffalo once roaming the our area? Stop by Tuesday evening and find out for yourself.

For more information, contact Duke Sumonia at 970-586-8505 or email: More information on the Glen Haven Historical Society can be found by visiting their website, via the link provided below.

Glen Haven Historical Society

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Alberta Falls on Friday morning

Alberta Falls on Friday morning

Sunday September 9th - Photo Of The Week..

This week's photo, taken on Friday morning, features one of Rocky Mountain National Park's many natural treasures, Alberta Falls.

Situated at 9,400 feet, Alberta Falls is a short .6-mile walk from the Glacier Gorge Junction Trailhead. This is an easy hike and is excellent for kids. This is also one of the most popular short hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Along the way to Alberta Falls are many aspen that grew after a forest fire in 1900. Particularly with their fall color, these trees, along with the abundant wildlife in the area, make this an extremely pleasant trail offering many great photo opportunities along the way to the falls.

The Glacier Gorge Trailhead is located on the east side of the Continental Divide near Bear Lake. From the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station on U.S. Highway 36, head west less than a quarter mile and turn south on Bear Lake Road (toward Moraine Park). Follow Bear Lake Road approximately 9 miles to the small parking area at Glacier Gorge. Parking is very limited and this lot often fills up early in the morning. Use of the National Park's Free Shuttle Service to get to the trailhead, particularly during the busy summer months, is highly recommended.

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