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3/09 - 3/12
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Contamination to Storm Mountain Properties
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March 12th, 2004 - Post Office/Bus Stop Issue Resolved... Today, CDOT took steps to partially designate the stretch of Hwy 34, passing the Post Office and bus stop, a school bus speed zone... Signs have been posted at both ends of town advising motorists to reduce their speed to 30 mph... While this is a non-enforceable speed limit, it may still serve to slow traffic down through the area... This is a welcomed move in the eyes of many residents, as speeding past the bus stop was, in the opinion of some, getting out of hand... This will also give the police better leverage to control this area, making for a much safer stop for our children... The stretch of roadside directly in front of the Post Office has also been re-designated to accommodate postal patrons... Area residents would like to send their thanks to the powers that be for making these well needed changes...

Sign warning motorists to reduce speed  for bus stop.

White paint showing parking for Post Office.


Parties Agree Damage Likely Caused By Run-off - Larimer County Health officials, Ed Schemm and Tom Gonzales, met today with a local property owner to review the alleged damage caused by run-off from road surfacing agents... After inspecting the dead trees and other vegetation, the owner stated, "It was agreed unanimously that the damage was most likely a direct result of the road surfacing, and not "Beetle Kill" or drought"... Both the owner and the Health Department officials also are reportedly in agreement that the road grade now diverts the run-off directly onto the property and away from a well defined drainage on the opposite side of the road... The owner has agreed to cooperate fully and work together with the Health Department officials to resolve the current situation... Testing of the water from the well has been postponed until next week to allow the Health Department to prepare the proper tests... As yet, the results from the lab test for magnesium done on the child are still out... All other medical results have come back normal... NOTE: No confirmation of illness, and/or death of trees,  confirmed to be specifically from Mag-chloride, has been made by anyone as of this posting...

Don't Become A Statistic... With St. Patrick's Day coming next Wednesday, there will be many celebrations this weekend... Along with these celebrations inevitably comes sadness and pain in the form of DUI arrests, accidents, and loss of life... We strongly urge you to be responsible and, if you plan on drinking, make advance plans for your transportation, or arrangements to stay the night at a motel, with a friend, etc... Living in the seclusion we do makes this difficult at times... But the alternatives, like jail or being involved in a fatal accident, are far more difficult to live with... The police saturation is guaranteed to be hot and heavy... 

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March 11th, 2004 - Health Department To Do Water Testing... Larimer County Health official, Ed Schemm, is scheduled to meet Friday afternoon with a local property owner to run tests on the their well water... This is the same property where a seven year old girl is suspected to have "Magnesium Chloride" poisoning... Results of the County's tests, as well as results from medical tests run on the child, will be posted here... The property owner is also having independent testing done on both the water and soil to determine the extent of the contamination... The owner comments, "This was the most lush, green section of my property... Now it's a death zone... And this all happened in the last two years"... The residents of this property are no longer using the well for potable purposes such as drinking, cooking, etc... They are currently hauling chlorinated water in from Estes Park for both themselves, and their animals, as a precaution...

Dead trees in a once lush area display damage to the property possibly caused by contaminates in the run-off from the road...

March 10th, 2004 - Police Crack Down On Local Residents... In response to a complaint about driver's speeding on Hwy 34 past the Drake bus stop, The Larimer County Sheriff's Department, along with the Colorado State Patrol, have reportedly started a massive crackdown on local residents for every infraction possible... Residents have stated that the officers are ignoring vehicles speeding by kids at the bus stop as they ticket the residents for parking and any other minor violation they can find in, what is perceived as, retaliation against the residents over their complaint... When asked why they weren't going after the speeding vehicles, their reply reportedly was, "Because we have you"... Notices have been placed at the Drake Post Office noting violations residents are currently being ticketed for... As a result of this action by the local law enforcement, there are now no viable parking areas for the Post Office and the speeding past the children still continues...  An officer was reported stating, "You wanted us here doing our job, so here we are... And we will be here for a while"...

March 9th, 2004 - Road Surfacing Chemicals Suspect In String of Illnesses... Several residents of the Storm Mountain area have recently been complaining of feeling sick and ill for no apparent reason... A seven year old girl is currently under a physicians care for suspected "Magnesium Chloride" poisoning, possibly as a result of the road surfacing chemicals seeping down and contaminating the local ground water... A physician at a clinic is Estes Park has reported other cases of suspected "Magnesium Chloride" poisoning in the Storm Mountain area... Symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, and respiratory problems (from inhaled dust containing the contaminate)... If you or any of your family members have the above symptoms for no apparent reason, you are encouraged to seek medical attention promptly, as potential damage to the internal organs may be irreversible... This contaminate is also thought to be responsible for the death of trees and vegetation along the road and into local residents' properties... Larimer County Health officials, as well as other agencies, are aware of the issue, but to this point have taken no action to resolve the problem or prevent further contamination...Residents have also complained about a strange oil-like odor and taste to their well water and a sudden jump in acidity... This is further indication of a possible ground water contamination issue... 

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