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5/02 - 5/08
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May 8th, 2004 - "Four-Wheelers" Invade Mountain... Last night a large number of vehicles, apparently from a local "Four-Wheeler's Club", were reported heading up FDR 128 towards Galuchie Meadows... The group was reported camping in and around the meadows with the Larimer County Sheriff responding to several complaints of illegal campfires... Residents are asked to keep a close watch for smoke or any other signs of fire and report to authorities immediately as the danger from these fires is immeasurable...

Comet "NEAT" Visible In Evening Skies... As predicted earlier, comet "NEAT (C/2001 Q4)" is now visible in our skies just after sunset... While still faint, it is easily visible to the naked eye and is expected to brighten each night... To see comet "NEAT" look to the southwest skies between 9pm-10pm... The comet is approximately 15°above the horizon currently and rising higher each night... Comet Bradfield can also still be seen faintly in the hours just before sunrise... We are hoping to have local photos of "NEAT" posted shortly... Information, recent photos, and sky maps can be accessed via the link below...

May 7th, 2004 - Annual Road Clean-Up Tomorrow... The Cedar Park/Cedar Springs Road Association will be having their annual road cleanup on Saturday, May 8th... Residents who would like to join the effort are asked to meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at the "T", and spend a few hours helping clean up the trash on our roads... 

May 6th, 2004 - "Storm Mountain Challenge" Run Twice Daily... The recent grading of FDR 128 has paved the way for some residents to run the, "Storm Mountain Challenge" twice daily... The extreme driving is occurring in the morning between 6am - 8am, and again in the evening between 4pm - 6pm... Vehicles have been reported sliding around the curves, running residents off the road, and reaching speeds exceeding 50mph in their personal race up and down the mountain... Resident are warned to stay alert for such driver's as no regard for the safety of others has been shown...

Warm Weather Brings High Fire Danger... Warm, dry weather in our area is expected to continue through the weekend raising concerns about our already high fire danger... Residents are asked to strictly abide by the current "Fire Ban", and exercise extreme care when using any type of open flame outdoors... Ideas and information on what you can do to prepare your property for potential wildfires can be found via the link provided below: 

May 5th, 2004 - "Sister Planet" Visible In Daytime... Often going unnoticed, our sister planet Venus is often visible during the daytime... Venus, which goes through phases similar to our Moon, is easily visible this month hours before sunset in the evening skies to the West... Skywatchers should also be on the lookout for comet "NEAT", which should be appearing in the Southwestern skies around sunset starting tonight...

Photo taken yesterday showing the crescent Venus in full daylight.

May 3rd, 2004 - Frisbie Candidate For House District 49... Estes Park businessman and Park R-3 school board member Doug Frisbie was nominated as the official Democratic candidate for Colorado State House District 49 , challenging the incumbent Rep. Kevin Lundberg, a Berthoud Republican... Below is an exert from a press release by the, "Frisbie for 49 Committee":

“I want to be your representative so that together, we can improve our economy, find solutions to affordable healthcare, promote small business, and improve education at all levels,” Frisbie said.

“Government must work for people,” he added. “That is what attracts me to elected office. I think it’s important for us all to give back to our communities. I’ve done that as a volunteer working with nonprofit groups, and elected office is an important way to give back to society."

House District 49 encompasses all of Larimer County, except for Loveland and Fort Collins, and includes the community of Windsor in Weld County.

The entire text of the official release can be found here:


May 2nd, 2004 - Residents Suspect Postmaster In Recent Break-In... It has been reported to SMN by an anonymous source that some residents and patrons of the Drake Post Office, who names were not disclosed, strongly suspect that the Drake Postmaster himself is the party involved in the recent break-in at the Post Office in Drake... It is also reported that the same un-named residents suspect the Postmaster has been tampering with their mail... Allegedly, many of their letters and other mail parcels are reported as being opened before being picked up, improperly handled, or not being delivered at all... This is reminiscent on a few years ago when similar behavior was alleged... These are allegations by un-named parties at this time and there is to our knowledge, no confirmed evidence indicating any illegal activity on the part of the Postmaster...

Spring Wildflowers In Abundance... Our recent moisture has turned on the local wildflowers... The Storm Mountain area has hundreds of different species, some rare, with many being currently in bloom... As the days get longer and warmer we will be seeing displays of color at nearly every turn...


Composite photo of a few currently blooming wildflowers

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