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Wednesday, September 1st - "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose" Continues... The Larimer County Sheriff's Department today released plans for roving DUI checkpoints throughout the Larimer County over Labor Day weekend... These will start on Friday, September 3rd, 2004 and continue thru Monday, September 6th, 2004.... This is a part of the National Program "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose".   Sheriff Alderden said, " Several agencies in Colorado will be participating in doing all they can to make our holidays safe and enjoyable".... The complete news release can be found below...

Tuesday, August 31st - Kefalas Edges Out Bertschy By 9 Votes... In the extremely close race for Democratic House District 52, the official recount has given the win to John Kafalas by a narrow margin of 9 votes... Prior to the recount, Kafalas led candidate Bill Bertschy by only 2 votes... The official results of the recount can be found below...

Monday, August 30th - Another School Year Begins... Students attending Estes Park Schools started back today for the 2004-2005 school year... The correct pick-up time is 7:07am and the correct drop-off time is 4:02pm... These times were courtesy of the bus driver... Parents are advised to be early when picking up or dropping off children at the stop... Students attending Big Thompson Schools started back last week...

Bus leaving with students attending Estes Park Schools

Sunday, August 29th - School Begins Tomorrow For Estes Park Students... Children of area residents who attend Estes Park Schools will be starting back from summer break tomorrow... Pick-up time is expected to be at 7:00am with drop-off at 4:00pm... Times will be confirmed with the driver tomorrow morning and posted on this site if different than above... The bus stop for Estes students is located at the intersection of FDR 128 and CO 43...

Wonders Of Our Skies... The next few days will hold many interesting and beautiful objects in both our morning and evening skies... The full Moon will be rising in the east after sunset Monday and Saturn has joined Venus for a morning display, also in the east, just before sunrise... Saturn and Venus will be exceptionally close together on the morning of August 31st, making for a beautiful setting... 

Photo of the Moon rising from behind pines on
Palisade Mountain last night
Saturn and Venus rising in the east before
sunrise this morning

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