Local Headlines - July 31st, 2005

Sunday, July 31st - Photo Of The Week... This week's photo features one of our larger local residents, the Black Bear (Ursus americanus). This photo was taken on July 24th and shows a black bear wandering along the roadside in the early morning hours.... more

Saturday, July 30th - Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial This Sunday... A memorial service in remembrance of victims of the 1976 flash flood, is scheduled to be held this Sunday, July 31st at 6:00PM. The service will be held at the 25th Memorial Sight in the Big Thompson Canyon, one mile east of Drake on Hwy 34.... more

Aurora Alert... A powerful X-class solar flare erupted from sunspot 792 this morning at 06:35 UT, or 12:35AM MDT. SOHO coronagraph images are not yet available, so we don't know if the blast produced a coronal mass ejection (CME). If it did, auroras are possible tonight or tomorrow when the CME reaches Earth.... more

Friday, July 29th - Accident Causes Minor Delays In Canyon... Travelers on Hwy 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon experienced minor delays this morning between 8AM and 10AM while rescue crews worked to remove a Jeep Cherokee from the river.... more

Thursday, July 28th - Parade This Saturday Kicks Off County Fair & Rodeo... The 2005 Larimer County Fair & Rodeo will kick of this Saturday, July 30th with the County Fair Parade. The parade will start at 9:30AM near the old fairgrounds in Loveland.... more

Wednesday, July 27th - More Mosquitoes Increases Risk Of West Nile Virus... The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment reports that the number of Culex mosquitoes (the primary species that transmits West Nile virus in Colorado), has increased sharply in the past two weeks...  more

Tuesday, July 26th - Estes Park Citizens for Representative Government Committee Found Guilty... Two citizens of Estes Park successfully challenged Estes Park Citizens for Representative Government (EPCRG) for failing to register the Committee with the Municipal Clerk of Estes Park; failing to identify the Committee's registered agent; and failing to file reports of contributions and expenditure...  more

Monday, July 25th - New Fire Restrictions Through September 19th...  On Thursday, July 21st, a Burn Ban went into effect in Larimer County. This ban will stay in effect through September 19th, 2005. Recent dry weather, very high fire danger and numerous wildfires throughout the County prompted this action... more