Local Headlines - November 6th, 2005

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Sunday, November 6th - Photo Of The Week... Our photo of the week today features a beautiful and somewhat rare occurrence, a halo around the planet Venus. This wonderful shot was taken on Wednesday evening at 6:40pm from Storm Mountain....more

Saturday, November 5th - Saved By A Tree...The driver of a large truck today has a tree to thank for his safety. Just before 6:00pm Friday evening the driver was returning from a drywall delivery when the wheels of the truck he was driving got too close to the edge of the road, while letting another vehicle pass, causing the shoulder to give way under the weight, and sending the rear end of the vehicle sliding into a 50 foot ravine...more

Icy Switchbacks Cause CO 43 Closure... As of 10:30am CO 43 is closed at the switchbacks west of Glen Haven due to ice and extremely slippery conditions. At least six vehicles are reported to have spun of the road. No major damage or any injuries have been reported...more

Friday, November 4th - Loveland Man Reported Missing... Larimer County Sheriff’s Office responded yesterday to a report of a missing 89-year old male who has Alzheimer’s disease.  Arthur Wright, was last seen at the Chipper Bowling Lanes in Loveland at approximately 3:00 PM Thursday afternoon.  He left the bowling alley in his 1973 copper and white ford 4-door Grand Torino and has not been seen since...more

Spectacular Fireballs Reported Over Drake, Estes Park... Reports have been coming in from Drake and Estes Park of spectacular fireballs being seen in the sky over the past few days. This morning at 4:35am, a large fireball was seen in the southern sky by our news staff, from our office window on Storm Mountain...more

Thursday, November 3rd - High Winds Rip Area... High winds have been ripping across the area since last night. Several trees are reported as downed with intermittent power in the Drake area. There are also several rocks in the road on Hwy 34 through the Big Thompson Canyon, with some minor damage to structures being reported...more

Tuesday, November 1st - Election Today... Residents throughout the state of Colorado will head to the polls today in the 2005 Coordinated Elections. While there are no Larimer County candidates on the ballot, there are several very controversial issues including Referenda C & D...more


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